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Dedicated Experienced Lawyers, We’re on Your Side · No Hidden Costs(…)

No Win, No Fee Solicitors – Independent Advice !!! Don’t me be mugged off by and insurance.

On average people receive 2-3 times more compensation when they consult a solicitor (source FSA).

Accident at Work Compensation Claims | Free Accident Helpline

Accident at Work Injury Claims

Accident at Work Injury Claims

For a free consultation on how to claim compensation for Accident at Work, call our freephone on 08000 488 884 or claim online. Our No Win, No Fee Accident at Work Compensation Solicitors will give you professional and confidential advice on how and what to claim.

Free Accident Helpline is helping people who suffered illness or injury while at work and provide help during any investigations which may take place after such an event.

Tell us more about your accident at work, injury and financial losses. We will be able to help you go back to your normal life and claim for all financial losses you have suffered as a result of the accident. Tell us also about the medical treatment you need as we may be able to arrange it for you once you start your accident at work claim with us.

No Win, No Fee Accident at Work Claims

Accident at Work Solicitors will help you on No Win No Fee basis, which means that our clients have no financial risk in claiming against the guilty party. We provide full support during your claim process.

Our No Win, No Fee Accident at Work Solicitors deal with the claims related to all types of accident at work. Such as accidents in factories, building sites, shops or garages. You are eligible for a claim also if you suffered an injury as a result of operating faulty machinery, or if you suffer from an industrial disease, such as i.a. hernia, asbestosis, asthma or Vibration White Finger (VWF).

Call our Accident at Work Solicitors today on freephone 08000 488 884 or claim online.

Home and hospital visits can be arranged for people who cannot attend one of our offices in England, Scotland and Wales.

According to Health and Safety Annual Report for Great Britain 2013/2014, 1.2 million people who worked during the last year were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work.

According to the Labour Force Survey, 629 000 injuries occurred at work.

By receiving independent legal advice from us, you can get the compensation you deserve. According to the Financial Services Authority, the compensation that people receive is two-three times bigger if they consult a solicitor rather than accept the first offer of the insurer.


We are proudly supporting The Law Society Personal Injury Campaign ‘Don’t get mugged by an insurer’. Its aim is to encourage accident victims to seek expert legal advice related to personal injury claims. source:


About Accident at Work Compensation Claims

One of the most common sites of accidents is the workplace. Whether your injury occurred in the factory in which you work, or in the shop or office, it is still known as an accident at work. If you have experienced an injury at work that was not your fault, you are eligible to make a claim for compensation.

Irrespective of the work environment in which your injury occurred, it is best to seek professional and knowledgeable advice. This is why it is reasonable to call us for advice regarding a accident at work compensation and whether you are eligible to make a claim.

When to make a claim?

The sooner you seek advice the better because the work environment may remain unsafe until a claim is made. The injury you suffered at a workplace indicates that your employer has allowed for the accident to happen, and unless something is done, This may happen again.

Even though it is not the responsibility or intention of a claims company like ours to change policy or practices in the workplace, there are many instances in which this has in fact been the case. Where a claim has led to the improvement of safety in the workplace. Therefore, you are not only making the claim for yourself, but you are possibly preventing someone else’s injury.

Responsibilities of your employer

Your employer is legally obliged to supervise safety in the workplace and to make sure that the equipment and practices used in the workplace are safe and assessed regularly. Your company is also responsible for providing protective equipment where it is necessary. It is also a duty of the employer to make sure that you receive any training that might be needed to keep you safe in the work environment. Should your employer have failed to fulfil any of these duties, and you are injured as a result, you are eligible to make a claim for compensation.

How to claim Accident at Work compensation?

First, we need to know some important details about your accident. Such as where and how it happened, and about the injuries you have suffered.

If you received any medical treatment or if there were any witnesses to the accident, particularly work colleagues, we’ll ask for these details along with the copies of any photos that were taken at the scene of the accident.

A No Win, No Fee Accident at Work Solicitor that specialises in accident at work claims will review your case basing on the details you will provide, and assess how successful your work accident claim is likely to be.

If you require medical treatment and/or rehabilitation support after a accident at work, it is vital to contact the solicitor as soon as possible so it could be arranged at the earliest stage of your claim.

Call our Accident at Work Compensation Team on freephone 08000 488 884 or claim online.

Free Accident Helpline is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator and we will always provide you with the best and experienced accident at work solicitors fighting for justice on your side.


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