Express Accident Claims, Dedicated Experienced Lawyers, We’re on Your Side · No Hidden Costs(…)

Dedicated Experienced Lawyers, We’re on Your Side · No Hidden Costs(…)

No Win, No Fee Solicitors – Independent Advice !!! Don’t me be mugged off by and insurance.

On average people receive 2-3 times more compensation when they consult a solicitor (source FSA).

Can I Claim ?

”No blame, no claim. Where is a blame there is a claim” – we may say… but there is really no simple rule and answer. Each case is different. You may think that you are in fault for the accident but actually the law says different. Always ask the professionals ! So remember even solicitors make mistakes… they may turn your case down but other will accept. Our rule: ”no case – ask 3 different firms before you give up ”

1) Can I Claim ?

Each case is different. Don’t take the law and regulations into your own hands. Always ask the professionals as you may think completely different.


2) Let Us check it

A simple call to our office may give you a lot answers. Even if you are to blame 50% for the accident you still may receive 50% of compensation.


3) Each case is different

In some cases you may have more or less time to make a claim. Claim more money or less. Remember each case is different. Always ask for an advice.


4) Documents

Collect your bills, documents, pictures and records. Insurance companies like to dispute every penny… the more you can prove then better chance you have.


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